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Information for Students

UIC SnAP is a campus-wide scholarship management system that holds over 500 scholarships for UIC students. Students may use this single portal to view and apply for scholarships at UIC. To begin using SnAP, go to the SnAP Login. As a UIC student, you use your netid and associated password to log in. In order to receive scholarship consideration, you MUST fill out the General Application and Profile Information.

Newly enrolling students: If you’re new to UIC this fall, please keep in mind that SnAP is normally used for our current students who are already enrolled. You may begin reviewing scholarships in SnAP once you have a netid and password. Most scholarships within the portal require completed credit hours at UIC and a UIC GPA.

Please note that a new General Application must be submitted each academic year. Students may visit UIC SnAP starting on August 21, 2023 to submit a General Application; applications submitted prior to August 21, 2023 have been archived and are no longer accessible.

General Application Heading link

The General Application serves as your base scholarship profile so you MUST complete it to be eligible for scholarships. Answering the questions thoroughly maximizes the SnAP system’s ability to match your profile to appropriate scholarship opportunities.

To maximize your scholarship consideration, be sure to take the following steps while completing your General Application:

  1. Review the “Applicant Record” tab to ensure all information is accurate. Should you find inaccurate information, please contact the appropriate office for corrections or updates to your applicant record.
  2. If you have additions or corrections after you’ve submitted your General Application, please UPDATE it as you apply for new awards.

NOTE: If you’re newly enrolling for the fall and haven’t begun taking classes yet, the Applicant Record information will not be updated until you enroll in classes. Once you have enrolled and classes have begun, if your record doesn’t get updated automatically, please inquire with

Finding Scholarships in SnAP Heading link

Scholarship in SnAP are called “Opportunities.” Scholarships have three categories – Recommended, Ours, and External. SnAP generates recommended scholarships by cross-referencing your Applicant Profile and General Application with the scholarships available at UIC. Before applying to a scholarship, double-check that you meet the required criteria.

The “Ours” link will list all UIC opportunities.You search scholarships by keywords or using the filter tab located in the upper-right corner. There are three types of scholarships listed:

  1. Automatch Scholarships: You don’t have to do anything further for these because you completed the general application.
  2. Apply Scholarships: Complete the additional questions and/or supply the requested documents to be considered for these awards.
  3. External Scholarships: UIC SnAP connects you to awards that are outside the scholarship system.

If you are having problems using the SnAP system, please contact

If you have questions or issues regarding the application itself, please contact the listed scholarship administrator.